Nirvana Life Cafe “生命咖啡馆”

Welcome to Nirvana Life Cafe at Orchard! 欢迎来到位于乌节路的生命咖啡馆!

Nirvana Life Cafe, located at 111 Somerset, Level 2, # 02-04, is open to all people from Monday to Friday. Although no catering is provided, everyone can enjoy this leisurely space here, sit down and think about life, talk about life with the people who accompanied you, and life-related books. There are also occasional special lectures, sharing sessions, workshops and reading clubs.

位于乌节路(111 Somerset, Level 2, #02-04)的生命咖啡馆(Nirvana Life Cafe),星期一到星期五开放给所有人士自由入席;虽然没有提供餐饮,但大家可以在这个悠闲的空间里,坐下来思考生命、和同行的人一起聊聊生命,还有和生命有关的书籍,欢迎现场翻阅。这里也会不定期举办特别讲座、分享会、工作坊和读书会

Nirvana Memorial Cafe