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Live Well. Plan Well. Leave Well. 事前规划,心无牵挂。 Check out the latest promotion prices of Nirvana Singapore for the new launches of Columbarium, Niches, Ancestral Tablets and Funeral Service Packages. 富贵山庄(新加坡) 最新优惠价格,包括新的骨灰福位,神祖牌,殡葬服务,祖先搬迁,等等。 Special Promotion during COVID-19 (Discount 35%-40% !) 聚仙殿所有骨灰位 35%-40% 折扣! NEW Suite 78 迎曦阁 (Pre-launch Discount up to $8000) Columbarium Suite 66, 73A and 80 Discount $5,000 骨灰阁66, 73A和80 折扣$5,000 Columbarium Suite 91 (NEW launch Promotion – lowest $5,000) 新的迎净阁 最低$5,000! Ancestral Table Suite 6B, 12A (Promotion 40%) Ancestral Table Suite S86 ( NEW launch Promotion – save $1500) 新的神主牌 $1500折扣! H512 Premium Niche ( NEW launch Promotion – Buy 1 Get 1 Free) 新的H512双人福位买1送1! H503 Premium Niche ( NEW launch Promotion – Buy 1 Get 1 Free) 新的H503双人福位买1送1! S5B 合悦阁 Family Suite (8 niches) (Discount 35%) 家庭福位 Niche Relocation Promotion – Discount 50% Why choose Nirvana Singapore? 为什么选择富贵山庄(新加坡)? 1. Located at good “Feng-Shui” location in Singapore. 位于新加坡的绝佳“风水宝地“ 2. Best columbaria design with air-condition. 六星级骨灰殿 3. Provide good after-sale services. 优质及贴心的服务 4. No interest rate for the monthly installment. “0”%利息分期付款 5. Free bus transportation between Boon Lay MRT and Nirvana Singapore. 365天免费巴士接送 6. Organize the cultural ceremony like Chinese New Year, Qing Ming, Zong Yuan, etc. 传统文化活动 7. No monthly or yearly maintenance fee. 无需每年付管理费 8. Good praying facilities and environment 完善的祭祀设施 Call us to get Best Deals! 想得到更多优惠?联系我们! 9238 6601 (Mdm Ang) Customer Feedback/顾客回馈 “Thank u for your professionalism just now and just wanted to let you know my parents really appreciated it. Thanks a lot.” Mr. Raymond “I’m touch. Not everyone will be like you so helpful after sales. You are sincere. Really help all the way one. Appreciate.” Miss. Sim “可欣是一位非常认真学习的专业代理。她询问的东西全部做笔录,顾客没到就已经准备好方案!” Mdm. Xu “Thank you for your professionalism. We are grateful for your service.” Mr. Gan Next Columbarium Niches Funeral Service Ancestral Tablet Cremation Urn