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Choices of Columbarium Design in Nirvana Singapore
Suite71 迎慧阁
Nirvana Singapore provides a conducive and comfortable environment for individual to pay respects to their departed loved ones
Suite65 迎芳阁
Things to know about Nirvana Columbarium
Suite63 迎荣阁
Nirvana Singapore Price Suite 62
Suite62 迎祥阁
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: 10% OFF of the selling prices (double or tower niches).
  • Highlights: The suites in Block C are modern style columbarium. The suite rooms are spacious, clean and bright.
Nirvana Singapore Suite 85 - 富贵山庄迎莲阁骨灰殿
Suite 85 - 迎莲阁
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: Single Lot Niche : $8,000 OFF / Doublet Lots Niche: $15,000 OFF / Ancestral Tablet: $7,000 OFF [Limited Period*]
  • Highlights: This columbarium is a rare suite that consists of both niche and ancestral tablet in the same room.   .
Nirvana Singapore New Launch S93 慈航阁
Suite93 慈航阁
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: Single Lot : $2,000 / Doublet Lots: $2,500 OFF
  • Highlights: This room is mainly dominated by the Avalokiteshvara Buddha (千手观音菩萨). Also, there is one Avalokiteshvara Buddha built inside every niche.
Nirvana Singapore 富贵山庄 Suite 90 迎念阁
Suite90 迎念阁
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: Single Lot : $500 / Doublet Lots: $2,000 OFF
  • Highlights: Non-religious columbarium, suitable for all the religion.
Suite 88 Family Suite - 迎孝阁 家族位
Suite 88 Family Suite
Suite 88 Family Suite Ancestral Tablet
Suite 88 Family Suite Ancestral Tablet
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: Maximum: $30,000 OFF
  • Highlights: Newest family columbarium in Block C, capacity up to 12 urns.
Nirvana Memorial Garden Suite 91 Ying Jing Ge 迎静阁
S91 Ying Jing Ge 迎静阁
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount:
  • Highlights: Newest single niche in Block C. The niches are blessed by the Buddha in the columbarium suite.
Nirvana Singapore Ancestral Tablet C86 Ru Xin Ge
Suite86 Ancestral Tablets
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: $500 OFF
  • Highlights: This is a new ancestral tablet suite in Block C. The Buddha is located at the center of the suite and rotating 360 degree to bless all the ancestral tablets.
Suite-5A-颂恩阁 The sitting area of this columbaria is very comfortable and families gathered here cannot resist the temptation to extend their visits.适合家庭成员聚集,一起祭拜祖先。Video / 视频
Suite5A 颂恩阁
Suite-6A-永恩阁 This columbarium suite is elegantly designed and emits a peaceful and welcoming tone. 此骨灰殿的设计典雅, 散发出宁静温馨的气氛。
Suite6 咏恩阁
Suite3 报恩阁
Suite-8B-浩恩阁 This columbaria suite reflects the essence and spirit of "Noble Eightfold Path" leading to enlightenment .骨灰位设计呈托出“八正道”的精神和启蒙。Video / 视频
Suite8B 博恩阁
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: 25% OFF for all the columbarium suite (single, double, tower, family niches)
  • Highlights: Block A is a mature and traditional style columbarium.  
Ancestral Tablet A_3-报恩阁
Ancestral Tablet 神主牌A_6B如祥阁
Suite6B 如祥阁
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: $2,000 OFF for Suite 2A and 30% OFF for Suite 6B and 12A.
  • Highlights: With the promotion, it is the best time to get the ancestral tablets in Block A.
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: 30% OFF for H503 and H512
  • Highlights: This is the premium columbarium suites in new Block B
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chip munks
chip munks
Kexin is always sincere and helpful. She is well organised as I believe customer service is her top priority because even when she is busy she will delegate one of her colleagues to assist me. To make sure whenever I need help, there’s someone to be by my side to support me. I feel very much appreciated 🙏🏻 I am thankful that I had met her
Ansel Ng
Ansel Ng
We would like to thank Keh Sin from Nirvana for their sympathy and professionalism during this painful process. The customer service experience we had with them was simply second to none—brilliant. From the initial phone call to the end of the process, everything was reassuring and professional. Thank you for the first class service.
Yiwen Huang
Yiwen Huang
Peaceful and spacious environment Good to do pre planning early Good service by kehsin 🙂
Yan Ling
Yan Ling
第一次接触富贵山庄,发现跟想象中的很不一样。环境非常清幽舒适。 可欣非常专业很友善,她非常耐心地跟我解释殡葬仪式的细节,也乐于回答我所有问题。谢谢你可欣!
Shirley Tan
Shirley Tan
h p low
h p low
I engaged Nirvana Garden @ Old Chua Chu Kang to do a Chinese customary rituals for my ancestors and deceased parent and deceased siblings last month. This rituals required couple of months of advance preparation. Ms Ang Keh Sin from Nirvana Garden was assigned to handle the job. She met up with me several times to check my requirements and provided me with very detailed information to all questions I asked. On the day of the rituals, she led a team of staff standing by at site to offer assistance to my family and relatives attending the event all day long. I am very satisfied and impressed with the professional services rendered by Ms Ang during the whole process. Also those monks engaged to perform the chanting service were serious and executed well. The whole set up at the site was impressive. The air conditioning event hall was large and comfortable for our crowd of 40 people. The rituals was a success. A Big thank you to you, Ms Ang and to Nirvana Garden.
MomoSukki Lai
MomoSukki Lai
excellent service provided by kehxin ,she is approachable and professional, glad to have her along
Inside is nice and looking forward for the new construction block which will finish next yr Aug.

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