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Choices of Columbarium Design in Nirvana Singapore
Suite71 迎慧阁 (Lowest Price: $13,000 single / $24,000 double)
Nirvana Singapore provides a conducive and comfortable environment for individual to pay respects to their departed loved ones
Suite65 迎芳阁 (Lowest Price: $12,000 single / $22,000 double)
Things to know about Nirvana Columbarium
Suite63 迎荣阁 (Lowest Price: $10,500 single / $19,000 double)
Nirvana Singapore Price Suite 62
Suite62 迎祥阁 (Lowest Price: $15,194 single / $24,694 double)
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: 15% of the selling prices (double or tower niches).
  • Highlights: The suites in Block C are modern style columbarium. The suite rooms are spacious, clean and bright.
Nirvana Singapore New Launch S93 慈航阁
Suite93 慈航阁
  • Lowest Price: Single Lot : $10,800 / Double Lots: $19,800
  • Promotion Discount: Single Lot : $2,000 / Doublet Lots: $2,500
  • Highlights: This room is mainly dominated by the Avalokiteshvara Buddha (千手观音菩萨). Also, there is one Avalokiteshvara Buddha built inside every niche.
Nirvana Singapore 富贵山庄 Suite 90 迎念阁 - 8
Suite90 迎念阁
  • Lowest Price: Single Lot : $10,000 / Double Lots: $19,000
  • Promotion Discount: Single Lot : $500 / Doublet Lots: $2,000
  • Highlights: Non-religious columbarium, suitable for all the religion.
Suite 88 - Family Columbarium (New Launch)
Suite88 迎孝阁
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: Maximum: $30,000
  • Highlights: Newest family columbarium in Block C, capacity up to 12 urns.
Nirvana Memorial Garden Suite 91 Ying Jing Ge 迎静阁
S91 Ying Jing Ge 迎静阁
  • Lowest Price: $8,000
  • Promotion Discount:
  • Highlights: Newest single niche in Block C. The niches are blessed by the Buddha in the columbarium suite.
Nirvana Singapore Ancestral Tablet C86 Ru Xin Ge
Suite86 Ancestral Tablets (Lowest Price: $8,000)
  • Lowest Price: $8,000
  • Promotion Discount: $500.
  • Highlights: This is a new ancestral tablet suite in Block C. The Buddha is located at the center of the suite and rotating 360 degree to bless all the ancestral tablets.
Suite-5A-颂恩阁 The sitting area of this columbaria is very comfortable and families gathered here cannot resist the temptation to extend their visits.适合家庭成员聚集,一起祭拜祖先。Video / 视频
Suite5A 颂恩阁 (Lowest Price: $13,800 single / $28,800 double)
Suite-6A-永恩阁 This columbarium suite is elegantly designed and emits a peaceful and welcoming tone. 此骨灰殿的设计典雅, 散发出宁静温馨的气氛。
Suite6 咏恩阁 (Lowest Price: $13,800 single / $28,800 double)
Suite3 报恩阁 (Lowest Price: $18,300 single / $34,800 double)
Suite-8B-浩恩阁 This columbaria suite reflects the essence and spirit of "Noble Eightfold Path" leading to enlightenment .骨灰位设计呈托出“八正道”的精神和启蒙。Video / 视频
Suite8B 博恩阁 (Lowest Price: $15,000 single / $27,000 double)
  • Lowest Price: Contact Us
  • Promotion Discount: 30% for all the columbarium suite (single, double, tower, family niches)
  • Highlights: Block A is a mature and traditional style columbarium.  
Ancestral Tablet A_3-报恩阁
Suite2A (Lowest Price: $8,000)
Ancestral Tablet 神主牌A_6B如祥阁
Suite6B 如祥阁(Lowest Price: $10,000)
  • Lowest Price: $8,000
  • Promotion Discount: $2,000 for Suite 2A and 35% for Suite 6B and 12A.
  • Highlights: With the promotion, it is the best time to get the ancestral tablets in Block A.
  • Lowest Price: $30,000 (H503) / $38,000 (H512) 
  • Promotion Discount: 30% for H503 and H512
  • Highlights: This is the premium columbarium suites in new Block B

Customer Feedback/顾客回馈

Irene LKT
Irene LKT
机缘巧合下找到了可欣(Mdm Ang Kehsin),从她丰富的经验而认识了山庄! 喜欢富贵山庄舒适自在的环境,依风水设计的高贵骨灰塔殿与典雅的神主牌位,因此我们做出了最好的安排,选择了富贵山庄作为先人的最后安息之地。 尤其难能可贵的是可欣的售后服务,依然是如此的贴心与真诚,原本对祭祖完全一窍不通的我们,因为可欣次次耐心亲切的帮助,而轻松学会了 ! 感恩有幸遇到可欣 ! 谢谢可欣真挚诚恳的服务态度😃
Ivy Lee
Ivy Lee
当我开始想做事前规划时,才开始从网上认识了富贵山庄的可欣,我联络了可欣,在她的帮助之下,我也开始认识富贵山庄,她也很乐意回答和帮助我有关事前规划要怎样去进行。还记得我联系可欣时刚好是在今年的清明节,我告诉她这个时候不想去富贵山庄看看, 她很细心也很有耐心回答我想知道的。也会发一些有关富贵山庄的福位让我多了解。 从中我看上了78的 Ying Xi Ge.  为了我的要求方向,可欣还帮我跑几趟去看方向。 就这样我也很快就做了决定。 有了可欣的帮助我也省下很多时间。成交后的服务也很重要, 我有问题微信她,她都会回复和打电话给我。可欣因为你的真诚和耐心的服务。 在这里给你5个星星🌟
Summer Wong
Summer Wong
I approached Keshin back in Jul 2020, after several round of follow up, I finally decided to visit the 山庄 with my mum as we were looking at pre-planning for my late grandma. Keshin is very detailed and nice and we truly like the environment of Nirvana. When ah ma passed on in May 2021, Keshin guided me throughout on what I need to do and also her aftersales service is so good that my aunt and uncle also do their afterlife pre-planning with her! Afterlife planning may sounds alien especially to young generation but death os inevitable and its not like a taboo that we should avoid talking about It's definitely something we need to look into as during the short funeral wake all I want is to spend time with my loved ones instead of rushing up and making decision.
James Chua
James Chua
songhua li
songhua li
Jess Tan
Jess Tan
Excellent service provided! Kehsin is meticulous in providing details on my afterlife planning without judging my young age. She spent time going thru different products and help me to understand the product that can fulfil my needs and to my best interest. In a service industry similar to insurance, this will be my last insurance in the lifetime and I'm very fortunate to have meet Kehsin and her team. I want to take a minute to compliment her dedication and high degree of working ethic, placing her client as priority. Highly recommended to anyone who is interested to engage in her expertise!
Belle Chung
Belle Chung
A nice columbarium.
Alan Lim
Alan Lim
We visited this columbarium with our parents. We were satisfied with their services and environment. We decided to buy the niche and ancestral tablet for pre-planning.

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