Main Hall (Block B) in Nirvana Singapore is built-with Buddhist Columbarium Niche. The magnificent Buddhist Golden Statues: Amitabha, Diwang Bodhisattva, and Guanyin Bodhisattva rest in the lobby to maintain the wealth of the future generations.
Columbarium 骨灰位 Royal Suite 帝皇阁
Buddhist Columbarium
Nirvana Singapore

Block B Main Hall
(Three Buddha Hall, 三圣殿)

Solemn prayer session organized by Nirvana Singapore in the columbarium

The Main Hall (also called Hall of Three-Buddha) is a traditional Buddhist Columbarium in Singapore. It houses the Holy Trinity of the Samsara World.  The three magnificent golden buddha statues include Shakyamuni Buddha​ , Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.  They are believed to look after Heaven, Earth and Human respectively.

This luxurious environment is equipped with state-of-the art facilities while our future generation will be blessed with good health and prosperity at all times. Peace and serenity grace the surroundings for visitors to reflect and honor their departed loved ones.  

The Departure Ceremony is the only one in Southeast Asia and has aroused great curiosity in the media. During the ceremony, the Buddha statues had a green and red laser beam on their foreheads, and a white light was blown down from the ceiling, illuminating the urn placed on the lotus-shaped rotating seat, with the ashes after the cremation. The high-quality sound plays the comforting music at the same time. This sad and noble ritual is accompanied by rhythm, ruthless singing and lighting, illustrating the journey of the departing people to the Western Paradise. By participating in this ritual, the mourners found comfort and peace, so they were able to meet the needs of losing their loved ones.

Miniature statues of the Holy Trinity decorate the pillars and walls of the Hall. Adoptions of these Buddha statues bring merit and blessings for the whole family.  





Buddhist Columbarium Niche Royal Suite 佛教骨灰位帝王阁
Royal Suite
Buddhist Columbarium Niche Royal Suite R1 佛教骨灰位帝王阁 R1
Royal Suite R1
Buddhist Columbarium Niche Royal Suite R2 佛教骨灰位帝王阁 R2
Royal Suite R2