Premium Funeral Services in Singapore, provides one-stop services include free funeral consultation, embalmment, deceased transfer, funeral setup, prayer services, funeral emcee, director, hearse escort, bus transfer to crematorium, online obituary, etc. Offers different religious funeral services for Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, etc.
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Nirvana Memorial Garden offers one stop funeral related products and services, including urns, cremation memorization products,handcrafted paper models, flowers, catering services, photography and other ancillary services. Funeral services could be provided at our funeral homes, third-party owned funeral homes, churches and the homes of our customers. Our funeral packages are tailored to our customers’ requirements, according to their respective cultural and religious practices.


1. Female Embalmers

Nirvana Memorial Garden has a team of professionally trained female embalmers and beauticians. They are dedicated to provide sanitization, presentation, and preservation for the deceased body. This task is important to be carried by female embalmers, as a form of respect, especially for Women. This will give the assurance to spouse, parents and children who would feel more at ease with this service respect for their departed loved ones.

Journey with Love, First in Asia signature spa treatment is delivered by a team of professionally trained female embalmers & beauticians dedicated to rendering their immaculate services with a genuine heart for the deceased body. The family members could pay respect to the last journey of departed love ones by witnessing the whole embalmment process

2. No hidden cost

Some other funeral service providers may give a low budget quote at the beginning, then charge every additional items when the funeral proceeds. In the difficult situation, people get caught and need to bear with these hidden cost till the completion of funeral. This could be avoidable with Nirvana Memorial Garden. The price is transparent, and the checklist is followed and tracked from beginning till completion of funeral. This is very important, everyone wants to have peace of mind when losing the loved one.

3. Professional Funeral Services

  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony

  • Coordination of Funeral Service and Memorial Ceremony

  • Funeral Procession Service

  • Cremation & Retrieval of Ashes

Christian Funeral Service Setup
Elegant Funeral Setup
Christian Funeral Service
Funeral Mercedes Hearse
Buddhist Funeral Hearse Escort
Funeral Hearse Escort Team

Well-known Bereavement Care Provider

Nirvana Memorial Garden is part of Malaysian conglomerate Nirvana Asia Group, a world-class, full-fledged bereavement care provider in South East Asia. Through the deeply rooted Chinese funeral service industry, Nirvana enriches the fine quality of the Chinese bereavement culture through continuing the tradition of honor and reverence of ancestors by their descendants.

Peace-of-Mind One-stop Funeral Services and Products

Nirvana Memorial Garden offers one stop funeral services and products, including funeral urns, casket, coordination of memorial ceremony, cremation, ashes collection at crematorium, urns placement in their beautiful columbarium niches and chanting services. Their funeral packages could be tailored to the customers’ requirements, according to their respective cultural and religious practices.

Professionally trained Female Embalmers

This is an unique entitlement for Nirvana customers. Nirvana Memorial Garden has a team of professionally trained female embalmers. They are dedicated to provide sanitization, presentation, and preservation for the deceased body. It is their belief to have female embalmers to carry these tasks, as a form of respect, especially to women. They also offer package of “Journey with Love”, first in Asia signature spa treatment, which the family members have could join and pay respect to the last journey of departed love one by witnessing the whole embalmment process.

Transparent Pricing. Enjoy Afterlife Pre-planning Benefits

Nirvana Memorial Garden offers “As-Need (immediate use)” and “Pre-Need (pre-planning for future)” funeral services with no-hidden cost. The price is transparent, and the checklist is followed and tracked from beginning till completion of funeral services. Nirvana promotes Afterlife Pre-planning and offer the payment of monthly instalment at 0% interest rate. Customers could “lock” the funeral service at current price and utilize it in future. There is no expiry date, the funeral service package could be utilized many years later, even after 50 years.

High Premium Well-maintained Columbarium

Nirvana Memorial Garden provides fully equipped and air-conditional facilities, a beautiful environment, and exemplary service from the heart; that serves to give peace and comfort to both the departed and their family. Their columbarium niches are elegant and well-maintained. Customers could choose to place the cremation urn of their departed loved one in Nirvana columbarium as a final resting place.

Funeral Service Package Pre-planning

4 main reasons why many customers get the Funeral Service Package from Nirvana for Pre-planning purpose:

  • The total cost of funeral package is “locked” at current price now. There is no worry on the price increment in future due to GST, Cost of Living, etc. 
  • Nirvana provides 24×7 funeral services. Unlike other funeral service providers, there is no additional charges by Nirvana during holidays like Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc.
  • Nirvana Memorial Garden is a financially strong company which is able to provide funeral services in bereavement care industry for many years. Customers are having peace-of-mind to utilize the funeral services in many years later.
  • When new funeral parlor in main hall of Nirvana Memorial Garden is completed after 2023, customers will have the option to utilize the new funeral parlor for free.

What to consider when choosing Funeral Service Package or Funeral Service Provider?

The cost of a funeral ceremony in Singapore is determined by the demands and expectations of the family. With so many options and packages available, it’s critical for family members to find a reputable and transparent funeral service provider especially the majority of products include hidden prices and extra expenses. Some of funeral service provider will only reveal the additional cost after funeral is performed.

The following are the main considerations when choosing Funeral Service Package or Funeral Service Provider:

  1. Don’t misled by initial low-end prices

Many budgeted funeral service packages on the market are low-end. Family members are required to “top-up” additional funds for a quality setup or location.

2. Understand the services in the funeral package before signing up

Discuss with the funeral service provider on the services included in the funeral package. Always ask the questions if don’t understand, a good service provider will be patiently explain the details.

3. Cross compare different funeral service providers

Contact different funeral service providers to get the quotes. You are welcome to contact us even you do not engage us for the services.

4. Find the reputable funeral service providers

It is such an important event to have a good farewell to the departed loved one, one should look for well-established funeral services that have been in business for a long time so that the quality services will be ensured. Nirvana has a team of professional funeral service staffs that included emcee, coordinator, etc.

Our Funeral Service Package Includes:

  • Free consultation for cost and procedures
  • Buddhist funeral services
  • Taoist funeral services
  • Christian funeral services
  • Freethinker funeral services
  • Personalized funeral services
  • Embalming and make-up services
  • Transfer from hospital and home
  • Fully equipped and air-conditioned memorial halls
  • Elegant funeral wake set up and decorations
  • Religious and prayer services
  • Professional funeral emcee, director, service team
  • Hearse services
  • Two ways bus transfer to Mandai
  • Cremation at Mandai crematorium
  • Online obituary and photo thumb drive
  • Free of charge for ash collection and 49 days praying services when buy niche from Nirvana columbarium