Zhong Yuan Enlightenment Ceremony 中元法会

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Kindly note that this year Enlightenment Ceremony consists of the following packages:

1. Royal Seat 帝皇席- $1188
2. Peaceful Zone 安祥座 – $298
3. Merit Zone 功德座 – $168
4. Abundance Set 丰收礼包 – $68
5. Karmic Creditors 冤亲债主 – $48
6. Infant Spirits 无缘宝宝 – $48

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Nirvana Memorial Garden Zhong Yuan Enlightenment Ceremony 富贵山庄中元节
nirvana singapore zhong yuan jie 新加坡中元节超度法会

《Loyal Seat》
It is a luxurious table-style ancestor worship package sincerely recommended by Nirvana Memorial Garden. Package includes: 2 independent Lian Wei, Flowers and Fruits, six incense candles, luxury paper offerings and so on. Transcending the ancestors and begetting the pure land of Buddhas.


《Peaceful zone》
An ancestor worship package in the front of Buddha’s platform. Package includes a large Lian Wei, combined with six vegetarian fruits and food offerings. Transcending the ancestors, hearing the voices of all Buddhas, obtaining the blessings and peaceful liberation.


《Merit Zone》
The ancestor worship package at two side walls of the Buddha. Package includes a medium-sized Lian Wei, combined with six vegetarian fruits and food offerings. Transcending the ancestors, hearing the Dharma and believe in understanding.


《Karmic Creditors》
When many people begin to go into good times in their lives, they will begin to encounter many obstacles and constant troubles. The reason is that they have been interfered by the long-term family and creditors of the past. The entanglement of relatives and creditors is the result of both Yin and Yang. All Dharmas are born from causes and conditions. When there is a cause, there will be an effect. Sign up to participate in large-scale transcendent Puja, so as to get happiness.


《Infant Spirits》
In the Puja, we sincerely pray that Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva to take good care of infant spirtis, by having compassion and love to resolve their grievances, and follow the Bodhisattva to the pure land.

无缘宝宝 – 乃是堕胎流产或不幸夭折的宝宝牌位。