After the funeral cremation is conducted, marble urns will be required to house the cremated ashes. Urns in Nirvana Singapore comes in different shapes, sizes and colors.
urn singapore prices cremation ash 新加坡骨灰瓮 骨灰坛
Urns Type
Urn Singapore

Green Crystal With Buddhist Sutra

Detailed craftsmanship, perfect for housing the remains of loved ones guiding them to follow the path of Enlightenment. One of the top choices for placing the remains. 

Lavender Crystal With Buddhist Sutra

Together with fine and detailed craftsmanship; representing beauties and elegance, the Lavender sutra urn gives an aura of mystery, signifying external beauty and virtue.

Pink Lazurite Urn

Heart Warming and it is a Harmonious color, making it one of our top choice for our ancestor.

Beeswax Lazurite Urn

Beeswax Yellow alias Auspicious Beeswax is known for its elegance and simplicity which makes it one of the favorite colors for Chinese. 

Poppy Jade Urn

Shaped from Natural Stone, and each are uniquely difference from one another which makes it “Destined” to own the chosen One.  

Funeral urns have been used by many civilizations. After death, corpses are cremated, and the ashes are collected and put in an urn. 

In the modern funeral industry, cremation urns of varying quality, elaborateness, and cost are offered. 

Columbarium Single Niche 单人骨灰位
Urn in Single Niche
Columbarium Double Niche 双人骨灰位
Urns in Double Niches
funeral urn cremation ash 骨灰瓮 骨灰坛
Placing ashes
funeral urn cremation ash 骨灰瓮 骨灰坛
Placing ashes
Urn Placement
Urn Singapore Blessing Ceremony - 骨灰瓮祈福大会

Every year, Nirvana Singapore will hold Urn Placement Blessing Ceremony to let customers place their items symbolizing wealth and auspiciousness into the pre-order Urns to pray for good fortune.

Placing items that symbolizes wealth and longevity in the niche with urn purchased in advance, is akin to fulfilling one’s wish of longevity and prosperity from the God who is in-charge of giving blessings. 

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