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Pre-planned his own funeral ceremony

He was a cancer patient. He prepared his luggage, not because he wanted to travel abroad, but because he wanted to store …

performed funeral services on-behalf of family members

Originally, I thought it was another ordinary funeral service, but ended up I was requested by the customer to become a temporary …

They decided to buy columbarium niche in Nirvana Singapore for their late father

By chance, this customer contacted me for the consultation of afterlife services and products. The daughter is a beautiful mother with her …

Placement of Ancestral Tablet

The hometown of this group of customers is in Penang of Malaysia. They are from a traditional Hokkien family. When the old …

Free Thinker Columbarium for any religion

Free Thinker Columbarium

I was very lucky to meet this family. The old father aged over hundred years old and he was a very blessed …

Columbarium for Final Resting Place

Family-friendly Columbarium

“Home” is a place full of family boding. No matter where you are or what challenges you are facing, a closed family …


When I was about to go home after I finished the prayer service, I received a call from this customer. He was …

Live Stream of Funeral Rituals

They knelt or bowed in front of the online camera connected to the internet, expressing the gratitude remotely to the relatives and …

Move Cremation Ashes from Malaysia to Singapore

His mother’s cremation ashes were finally transported from Malaysia to Nirvana Singapore after going through the hardship. His mother suddenly passed away …

Nirvana Singapore Story - Forget Me Nots Flower

Forget Me Nots Flower

In the worshipping room during the 49 days after death ritual, she silently prayed and placed a bunch of flowers in front …

Nirvana Singapore Story - His Daughters Cried and Pleaded

His daughter in Malaysia cried and pleaded to witness the whole process of the funeral through live video call. The reason was …

Transfer cremation ashes to Malaysia

Transfer Ashes to Malaysia

That was a special task. The customer was a very polite lady. Through the conversation, it was understood that her aunt’s cremation …

Ancestral Tablet Installation Ceremony at Nirvana Singapore

For the first time at night time 10pm, I helped the customers to complete the Ancestral Tablets installation ceremony (or called “rising …

Nirvana Singapore - Filial Piety First

Filial Piety First

At the last day of Enlightenment Festival (中元节), I received the call from a customer who wanted to visit Nirvana Singapore to …

bought columbarium niche long time ago

I got to know this customer for quite some times. Through the conversation, it was realized that the children already bought the …

Nirvana Singapore Our Stories

Before their mother passed away, she left some money to her daughters to handle the funeral for her. As a result, when …

Nirvana Singapore Story - The 30 years old man sobbing quietly

Looking at the columbarium niches of his parents, the 30 years old man cried silently. He was a customer who lives in …

Place ashes into funeral urn

Love of Old Couple

Husband and wife, two reply on each other. If you never leave me alone, I will follow you forever. It is not …

Mission as Funeral Service Director

Recently, when I was taking a taxi, I met a weird taxi uncle. He chatted with me when he saw that I …

Urn Placement Ceremony

Departure Ceremony

The filial granddaughter made the pre-planning for her grandmother last year to fulfil the last wish of her grandmother to have final …

Nirvana Singapore - Affection of Siblings

Affection of Siblings

There is a sweet bonding among the siblings and it should not be taken for granted. Family affection is born by nature …

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Yan Ling
Yan Ling
第一次接触富贵山庄,发现跟想象中的很不一样。环境非常清幽舒适。 可欣非常专业很友善,她非常耐心地跟我解释殡葬仪式的细节,也乐于回答我所有问题。谢谢你可欣!
Shirley Tan
Shirley Tan
h p low
h p low
I engaged Nirvana Garden @ Old Chua Chu Kang to do a Chinese customary rituals for my ancestors and deceased parent and deceased siblings last month. This rituals required couple of months of advance preparation. Ms Ang Keh Sin from Nirvana Garden was assigned to handle the job. She met up with me several times to check my requirements and provided me with very detailed information to all questions I asked. On the day of the rituals, she led a team of staff standing by at site to offer assistance to my family and relatives attending the event all day long. I am very satisfied and impressed with the professional services rendered by Ms Ang during the whole process. Also those monks engaged to perform the chanting service were serious and executed well. The whole set up at the site was impressive. The air conditioning event hall was large and comfortable for our crowd of 40 people. The rituals was a success. A Big thank you to you, Ms Ang and to Nirvana Garden.
MomoSukki Lai
MomoSukki Lai
excellent service provided by kehxin ,she is approachable and professional, glad to have her along
Inside is nice and looking forward for the new construction block which will finish next yr Aug.
Kris Tan
Kris Tan
I'm glad to have chosen 富贵山庄 and also really thankful to Keh Sin for all her services. She has helped to arranged and planned everything leaving my family free from worries during our most difficult time.
Ivy Lee
Ivy Lee
当我开始想做事前规划时,才开始从网上认识了富贵山庄的可欣,我联络了可欣,在她的帮助之下,我也开始认识富贵山庄,她也很乐意回答和帮助我有关事前规划要怎样去进行。还记得我联系可欣时刚好是在今年的清明节,我告诉她这个时候不想去富贵山庄看看, 她很细心也很有耐心回答我想知道的。也会发一些有关富贵山庄的福位让我多了解。 从中我看上了78的 Ying Xi Ge.  为了我的要求方向,可欣还帮我跑几趟去看方向。 就这样我也很快就做了决定。 有了可欣的帮助我也省下很多时间。成交后的服务也很重要, 我有问题微信她,她都会回复和打电话给我。可欣因为你的真诚和耐心的服务。 在这里给你5个星星🌟
Summer Wong
Summer Wong
I approached Keshin back in Jul 2020, after several round of follow up, I finally decided to visit the 山庄 with my mum as we were looking at pre-planning for my late grandma. Keshin is very detailed and nice and we truly like the environment of Nirvana. When ah ma passed on in May 2021, Keshin guided me throughout on what I need to do and also her aftersales service is so good that my aunt and uncle also do their afterlife pre-planning with her! Afterlife planning may sounds alien especially to young generation but death os inevitable and its not like a taboo that we should avoid talking about It's definitely something we need to look into as during the short funeral wake all I want is to spend time with my loved ones instead of rushing up and making decision.
James Chua
James Chua

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