Columbarium of Nirvana Singapore provides the best columbarium niche. The temple columbarium is designed with best Feng Shui (风水)layout. The columbarium niche is a perfect Final Resting Place for departed loved ones to rest-in-peace.
Nirvana Singapore Columbarium Niche
Columbarium Singapore
Nirvana Columbarium
columbarium niche layout
Columbarium Double Niche 双人骨灰位
Double Niches
Columbarium Single Niche 单人骨灰位
Single Niche
columbarium niche design
Niche design sample
columbarium niche decoration
Niche design sample

Why pre-planning for Columbarium Niche?

Singapore government encourages the pre-planning for afterlife care. If there is no intention to go for options like sea burial or inland ash scattering, pre-planning for columbarium niche is highly inspired. The reasons:

  • Having options to choose the location of columbarium (facilities, maintenance, conditions, etc)
  • Having options to choose the design of niche (religion, decoration, etc)
  • Relieve loved ones from financial burdens, stress and confusion.
  • Having options of 12, 24, 36 monthly instalments instead of last minute lump sum cash payment.
  • Having options to decide preferred service, choose their own rites and rituals.
Nirvana Singapore

What determine the price of Columbarium Niche?

  • Facilities of Columbarium
    • The design and decoration of the Columbarium shall make adults and children feel comfortable and willing to visit at anytime again.
    • The Columbarium shall have enough space for the family to gather, allow space for relatives and friends to worship and interact during visits.
    • Columbarium without air-condition is less expensive than those with air-condition.
    • Some high-end columbarium and niches comes with access cards for privacy purpose.
  • Location of Niches
    • Most people prefer to have urns at eye level, to make it easier for visitors. Some prefer to be higher up to have better views, while some prefer bottom as visitors would bow the body completely while praying. Generally, the highest and lowest niche space could be cheaper.
    • Different position of the niche, so-called Feng Shui, would have different prices also.
  • Size of Niches
    • A 1 niche can accommodate one urn, while a 2 Niches have space for two urns. There are niches to allocate 4, 8, 16 and 24 urns. Normally, these are designed for big families.
  • Time of purchase
    • If purchase through pre-planning, it can be 20 to 25% cheaper as there are promotion at discounted price. If purchase due to urgent need, the cost could be higher with lesser preferred choices.
Nirvana Singapore Columbarium 富贵山庄骨灰安置所

Why choose Columbarium in Nirvana Singapore?

Every final resting place is well-planned at the Nirvana Columbarium. For the departed, rebirth is assured in the heavenly realms, through the golden statue’s infinite compassion. This is a place where family members can reminisce about their loved ones and embrace memories with their hearts. Blue skies and white clouds adorn the Columbarium, symbolizing everlasting harmony and peace,complete with private lounge for families to meet. The reasons of choosing Nirvana Columbarium Niche:

  • Wide Range of Products to Suit Different Needs and Budgets
    • We have niche to accommodate single, double, four, eight or six-teen urns to meet customer needs.
  • Feng Shui Columbarium
    • Choa Chu Kang Columbarium is located on a plot of land surrounding landscape represents a popular Feng Shui charm for prosperity and ensures your departed loved one or loved ones continue to rest in tranquility.
  • Personalized Niches
    • Families who prefer to have the niches of their loved ones personalized and decorated with the deceased’s favorite items will be able to have their wishes granted at an affordable price.
  • Highly professional team
    • Our team comprises of highly professional and compassionate individuals who will cater to your every need, from the bereavement services we offer to the type of niches and suites.
  • Cheerful Environment
    • Offers a cheerful, peaceful, and comfortable atmosphere. State-of-the-art amenities, friendly staff, daily chanting sessions, 24-hours air conditioning, cafeteria, and ample parking are some of the things that make the environment more vibrant and hospitable.
Columbarium 富贵山庄 Nirvana Memorial Garden - Suite 80 迎满阁

Block A – Ju Xian Dian (聚仙殿)

The sacred statue in the temple is called the Buddha, guiding the ancestors to the bliss land. The roof ceiling is also unique, allows the flow of natural sunlight. The fascinating environment and green scenery, making Ju Xian Dian a great place for families to gather and chat with each other.

The building follows the five elements of Feng Shui, which are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. The Metal is referring to golden Buddha, the Wood is referring to the surrounding green bamboo, the Water is referring to live flowing water, the Fire is referring to the light from the ceiling and the Earth is referring to the ashes in columbarium. In the center, there is Nine-Turn Feng Shui Ball which is making the five elements into effects. The continuous momentum shines on the ancestors, and their descendants!

Nirvana Singapore 富贵山庄 Ju-Xian-Dian-聚仙殿

Block B – Three-Buddha-三圣殿

The Three-Buddha-三圣殿 have three 10-meter-high Buddha statues, namely Amitabha, Tibetan Bodhisattva and Avalokitesvara. It is said that these Buddha statues are heavens, carers of people and earth.

Nirvana Singapore 富贵山庄

Block C – An-Ling Suite 安灵厅

This is special room where clients are allowed to keep the photographs of their departed one for forty nine days. Constant religious chants and prayers are offered in this suite which makes the clients happy and glad that the souls of their dear one are in a peaceful home.

Nirvana Singapore 富贵山庄 Ji Ling Suite 祭灵厅