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Columbarium 骨灰位 Suite-13A-永乐阁
Columbarium 骨灰位 Suite-7B-亲恩阁
Columbarium 骨灰位 Suite-8B-浩恩阁
Columbarium 骨灰位 Suite-12-莲花阁

Niche Relocation

What are the relocation procedures for niche relocation?

  • Choose the prefer columbarium niche before niche relocation
  • Arrange a "lucky" date for Chanting Master (Shifu) to conduct chanting and prayer rites
  • On that date, after prayer rites at old temple, Nirvana transports and invites the deceased from old to new home
  • At Nirvana, chanting and offering are arranged before placing Urn into the new niche
  • After Departure Ceremony, the Urn is placed into the new niche

Grave Exhumation

Are you affected by Grave Exhumation to make way for Tengah Air Base expansion?

As announced in the news on 2017, Singapore’s biggest public cemetery, Choa Chu Kang Cemetery, will have its size cut down by a third, from 318 ha to 200 ha. Some 80,500 Chinese and Muslim graves will be exhumed progressively to expand Tengah Air Base, which in turn is to accommodate the relocation of Paya Lebar Air Base from 2030 onward.

If your loved ones’ final resting place has been affected by the grave exhumations and relocations currently going on, Singapore Nirvana Memorial Garden could help. The first thing we can offer you is a final resting place for your loved one’s urn or remains in our Feng Shui Columbarium located at nearby old Choa Chu Kang Road.

Niche relocation procedure differs according to the religion and cultural practices of the deceased. We are respectful of all cultural and religious beliefs and because of this; we work with clergy persons from various religions. If the deceased and his/her family are non-religious, we usually work together with the family to arrange a service or procedure that the deceased would have preferred.

What are the relocation procedures for grave exhumation?

  • A ground-breaking date is selected after consultations with the deceased family and the holding facility;
  • The people who must be present at the site, grave or columbarium, include the deceased immediate family, Chanting Master (Shifu), and company’s relocation master;
  • The Chanting Master (Shifu) leads the ground-breaking ceremony and worship rituals.
  • The relocation master proceeds to exhume, clean, and pack the remains. In the case of ashes, the relocation master proceeds to open the niche and pack the urn/urns appropriately.
  • The urn or remains are then transported to our Singapore Nirvana Columbarium, where the Chanting Master conducts a ceremony before the remains are laid to rest in their new home;
Grave Exhumation Nirvana Singapore 富贵山庄
Every family is unique, Nirvana Memorial Garden offers bones and niche relocation services that are tailored to suit each family served.
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