Nirvana Niche Price 福位, 骨灰塔价钱

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Singapore Nirvana Niche or Urn Seat Price varies.

Generally, the columbarium price ranges $5000 or above. Promotions are given to some niches.

There are few factors to determine the prices, for example, the Feng Shui location, the row height, the design and layout, etc. It will be good if you could contact us 9238 6601 so that we could explain and bring you around the Nirvana Memorial. No obligation to buy, as it is our pleasure to share.

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欢迎联系我们9238 6601,以便我们可以向您解释并带您导览富贵山庄。您没有购买义务,因为分享是我们的职责。