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9 Reasons to choose the Ancestral Tablets of Nirvana Singapore

Is it necessary to have ancestral tablet?

This is a question that many people ask. The ancestor is our root. It is the elders of the same clan, the same origin, and the same bloodline.

Among the folk beliefs, there is a kind of worship called ancestor gods, which is to worship ancestors as gods. Also called the god of the house. Worshiping family gods is a form of ancestor worship in traditional Chinese beliefs, and sacrifices are performed every festival or anniversay. Because of the inheritance of the blood of our ancestors, they are the source of our life. Without our ancestors, we would not be what we are today. Although the ancestors are far away, sacrifices must not be dishonest. Don’t forget your roots and be ungrateful in your life and work.

However, with social and cultural changes, more and more people began to place their family’s ancestral tablets to Nirvana Memorial Garden or Lingshan Temple or other Buddhist temples to continue to worship.

What are the reasons for the trend of placing ancestral tablets in worshipping suites?

  1. The space at home is getting more and more limited, and the altar seat occupies the space.
  2. Home renovations, brand new furniture and design out of place with the pedestal.
  3. Today’s younger generation is very busy with life and work, and they don’t have time to worship their ancestors every morning and evening.
  4. The younger generation now does not know how to worship their ancestors or based on different religious beliefs, the elders do not want to trouble the next generation, they will place their ancestors in advance while they can make a decision.
神主牌, 神祖牌, 祖先牌, 灵位牌
神主牌, 神祖牌, 祖先牌, 灵位牌

Furthermore, some families, for the convenience of their children, believe that there is no need to set up a ancestral tablet or buy a columbarium niche. They choose the ceremony of [ecological burial] or [sea burial]. Their thinking is that since everyone is gone, just wave their sleeves and not worry. You must know that once the ashes are exposed, they cannot be recovered. Only whent they encounter some unexplainable situations, they could only choose to setup the ancestral tablet for the deceased for the blessing.

The ancestral tablet of Nirvana Memorial Garden is made of glazed glass, which is one of the “Seven Treasures” of Buddhism and the first of the “Five Famous Items in China”. The quality is premium. Some of them are built with  Buddha Lotus which is a symbol often seen and referred to in Buddhist temples and Buddhist art. The lotus is the symbol of the Buddhist Pure Land. It is said that placing or wearing colored glaze can obtain three kinds of blessings:

1) Dispelling diseases: It can eliminate diseases and exorcise evil spirits, so that people can obtain the blessing of health.

2) Toughness: Because of the difficulty of firing, Buddhism believes that glaze can make people feel the difficulty of refining the truth, and gain the power of perseverance.

3) Inspiration: The colors are gorgeous, changing and magnificent, giving people the beauty of art and imagination space, giving people inspiration and wisdom.

Nine factors for choosing the ancestral tablet of Nirvana Memorial Garden

  1. Ancestral tablets are housed in the magnificent and elegant worshipping suite room.
  2. Ancestral tablets are arranged orderly and clear line of sight to make customers feel at ease.
  3. In the space for worship and worship, considerate supporting services are planned for the comfortable space
  4. The consecration area of ​​the spiritual site will regularly play and sing scriptures, sending elegant fragrances.
  5. Provide sacrifices, paper offerings, and incense flowers for memorial worship. Available for pre-order or on-site purchase.
  6. Provide 24-hour security on site.
  7. Provide cleaning management services.
  8. Provide one-to-one professional service life manager, perfect system and friendly customer personnel
  9. Offers a one-time management fee with 0% interest installments

When the ancestors stay well, the descendants will have no worries! It is the best choice to relocate the ancestral tablets to Nirvana Memorial Garden.

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