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New Majestic Building of Nirvana Singapore

Costing 500 million to build, Nirvana Singapore will be transformed into the only integrated bereavement care provider in Singapore equipped with columbarium and funeral parlors. This allows the family members to send off the last journey of their deceased loved ones and keep the remains of their loved one in beautiful environment.

The transform of Nirvana Singapore will be completed in two phases. The first phase is mainly the rebuild of Block B which will be extended into a 9-storey building. The second phase will be the rebuild of Block A and Block C.

The interior layout and decoration of Nirvana combines the concepts and beliefs of Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese cultures. In the first phase of construction, the design outside Block B is based on the concept of the light edge of the Buddha appearing in the clouds, which means that the Buddha’s light illuminates all living beings. The exterior of the building expresses its significance and solemnity with the design that resembles the Buddha sitting in the clouds.

Nine-storey Block B 

The overall building of Block B is 9 floors high which the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 9th floors belong to the public space. They mainly hold functions such as large-scale pujas, memorial hall, meditation and chanting. The rest of floors are the columbarium five different themes that include “Water, Bamboo, Sunset, Mountain and Cloud”.

The design of each floor from the top to the ground and walls is meaningful. The high-tech projection and light effects are used to create a virtual wonderland.

Main Hall

Main Hall (1st Floor)

The Main Hall on the first floor is mainly used for believers to hold large-scale pujas and religious activities. In the main hall, there are three standing giant Buddhas: Amitabha Buddha, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Mahasattva Bodhisattva.

The background of the scriptures behind the three Buddhas consists of sky-like lighting with both sides of the the walls mounted with lamps and crystal bead curtains. The light emitted around the ceiling will converge on the crystal lotus lantern, interpreting the process of budding to blooming, representing the cycle of life and making the hall space even more magnificent.

Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall (3rd & 4th Floor)

On the 3rd and 4th floors, there are five farewell rooms, ceremonial halls and public lounges of different sizes. The ancients often regarded the crane as a symbol of longevity. In order to create the feeling of ascending to immortality in the Crane Hall on the 3rd floor, the wall will project the picture of the crane flying in a virtual dynamic and with the ambient music. It is like being in a sea of ​​clouds, a fairyland in the sky. In the past, people rode cranes back to the west to express their condolences and longing for the passing of the deceased.

The phoenix from the ashes and the rebirth of nirvana, it is believed that the phoenix is ​​the messenger of happiness. That is the reason 4th floor is named as Phoenix Hall. The ceilieng is matched with a phoenix crystal chandelier which is projected on the wall through holographic projection. It forms a trend of birds facing the phoenix while the phoenix is dancing. It means a wonderful life in the world and the wishes and hopes of a gorgeous turn at the end.

Farewell Hall

Farewell Hall (3rd & 4th Floor)

The farewell hall consists of the Jade Hall and Penglai Hall. The Jade Hall implies the meaning of “the moon has darkness and flaws while people have joys and sorrows”. The Penglai Hall implies the meaning of “when the obstacles of fame and fortune in the world are removed, it is left with the Penglai fairyland”. Next to the farewell halls is the Lotus Hall with the theme of “Accompanied by the tens of billions of lotus flowers, to see the Buddha”. It’s implication is that even if the deceased is in the world of turbidities, the deceased is not polluted and can be successfully reborn in the pure Buddha land. The design of each corner is solemn and elegant.


Meditation Hall (9th Floor)

The meditation hall on the highest floor of Block B has a sun terrace and an infinity pool outside. The three Buddhas who namely Manjushri, Sakyamuni and Samantabhadra, are located in the center of the hall. A patio is set up at the top to bring sunlight into the room, illuminating the central Bodhi, allowing meditators to sit under the tree to practise meditation and enlightenment.

The cafeteria in the hall is a unique meditation dining environment. It is equipped with a rail-shaped screen, and the space is two-in-one when it is opened. When large-scale events are held, it can accommodate up to 1,000 people.

The exterior wall and reception of the Nirvana Singapore are expected to be completed in the last quarter of this year.

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Nirvana Singapore is the largest integrated Bereavement Care provider in Asia. The "funeral" service includes funeral packages, and the "burial" service includes the niches and ancestral tablets columbarium.

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