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Afterlife Pre-planning in Nirvana Singapore

By chance, this customer contacted me for the consultation of afterlife services and products.

The daughter is a beautiful mother with her two adorable daughters. Her mom is a great mother who quitted her job to take care of her late father. She and her mother took care of the father when he was sick. Due to the medical expenses reserved for the treatment in the hospital, they were having budget constraints for afterlife services and products. For afterlife pre-planning purpose, they decided to buy a single columbarium niche in Nirvana Singapore first.

After understood their needs, I went through the options with them and provided professional and suitable solutions to solve their concerns. Eventually, the mother and daughter found a suitable niche for the father in the columbarium with the considerations of:
1) The budget is within their acceptance range;
2) Nirvana Singapore is a comfortable final resting place;
3) Nirvana Singapore provides professional post-funeral services;

The father departed in January this year. The family members witnessed the whole process of departure ceremony for their late father. Since they had done the afterlife pre-planning, the whole process from funeral services to niche interment were well-organized. The most important thing was that the afterlife expenses were within their budget and control.

The 1st April was the father’s last Birthday, the daughter prayed her father with “Forget-Me-Not” flower. She hoped her late father would not forget them and could continue their father-daughter relationship in the next life.

Thanks for the appreciation review from the daughter
Thanks for the appreciation review from the daughter

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As a afterlife planner, our mission is to accompany the family members through the most difficult period and provide peace-of-mind services.

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