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Relocation of Niche and Grave Exhumation to Nirvana Columbarium

Over the past years, Nirvana has successfully relocated urns from other columbaria to its columbarium. Moreover, it has also helped several clients conduct grave exhumations of their departed loved ones, from land burial sites to its columbarium.

In this article, we will learn more about the details of niche relocation and grave exhumation. Before we touch on the points, let’s find out why family members want to relocate the niche or exhume the graves of their dearly departed.

Reasons for Relocation

Government Order

Two case studies are the government order to exhume at least one-third (118ha or approximately 80,000 graves) of the land burial sites in Old Choa Chu Kang Road and the relocation of niches at the now-defunct Mount Vernon Columbarium.

As for the grave exhumation, the announcement was made in 2017, and the exhumation process was conducted in several phases. The order is due to the expansion of Tengah Airbase, which requires more space to accommodate the relocation of the new Paya Lebar Airbase in 2030. Part of the Muslim cemetery and Chinese cemetery sites were affected.

Therefore, when the government gives relocation of niches or grave exhumation orders, we have no choice but to follow the orders.

Feng Shui

For centuries, feng shui has been a structured practice in Chinese burials. A skilful and well-trained Feng Shui master can help the individual find a suitable new location for their ancestors. The Fengshui location of the burial ground or columbarium impacts the general luck and lives of the departed person’s families and generations. Fengshui is also considered a metaphysical science rather than a superstition, as it relies on astronomical studies (i-ching), ba-gua, and other logical facts.

For Nirvana columbarium, the entire facility sits on a Fengshui-rich location, sitting northwest and facing southeast. The mountain range in the northwest represents a toad-shaped cave, the most superior cave element in Feng Shui geography. The columbarium is also backed by mountains that have the shape of a hidden dragon advancing towards the gorge. Its side gates are protected by a dragon, tiger, and yin-yang water. All in all, these elements made Nirvana columbarium an ideal location in terms of Feng Shui.

Hence, if you believe in the impact of good Feng Shui, relocating the niche to Nirvana columbarium will be a good decision.

Other Reasons

Several reasons motivate individuals to relocate their loved ones’ remains to Nirvana Columbarium. It might be a will instruction by the departed to be relocated to Nirvana when the lease of the burial site expires, or it may be a dream where the departed communicated its willingness to relocate. Or it may be the children’s wishes for their parents’ ashes to be relocated to Nirvana columbarium with its quality facilities and conducive environment.

Grave exhumation and relocating the remains to columbarium
Grave exhumation and relocating the remains to columbarium

The Grave Exhumation Step-by-Step Procedure

Firstly, a site survey needs to be conducted to see if the remains can be recovered. Our representative will then consult the family to select an auspicious date for the groundbreaking ceremony. Once the date is confirmed, our representative will help apply for a permit with National Environmental Agency (NEA) to approve the grave exhumation process. At the same time, we will also book a chanting master (Shifu) for the groundbreaking prayer ceremony.

During the groundbreaking prayer ritual, family members will be encouraged to gather and witness the event. The groundbreaking ceremony is usually conducted after sunset as a form of respect for the departed. Once the body has been exhumed, the relocation master and our escorts will proceed to clean and pack the remains. They will also help clear the debris and patch up new soil in the tomb area.

The remains will then be sent to the crematorium for cremation. After cremation, our escorts and Shifu will help in the bone-picking and ash collection process. There will also be a prayer ritual and offering, such as a red umbrella and other required items for the cremation. The cremated remains will then be installed in an urn and transported to Nirvana Columbarium.
At the columbarium, the chanting master will conduct a final prayer ritual to ensure the departed has a peaceful rest at the new home. The grave exhumation and relocation process are hence completed.

Relocating the niche from public columbarium to private columbarium
Relocating the niche from public columbarium to private columbarium

The Niche Relocation Step-by-Step Procedure

Once the customer has decided on the niche relocation from the previous columbarium to Nirvana, they must book and confirm the columbarium niche in which the urn will be installed.

Afterward, the family has to decide on an auspicious date to do the relocation. A chanting master (Shifu) and an escort will accompany the family to the previous columbarium site on the actual niche relocation day. They will conduct a prayer rite at the previous columbarium. This ritual aims to tell the departed loved ones that we are moving them to a new home.

After the prayers, the urn is carefully handled and packed. The escorts and the chanting master will transport the urn safely to Nirvana columbarium. A departure prayer ceremony will be conducted once the group arrives in front of the new columbarium niche. This reassures the deceased to have a peaceful rest at the new home.

The escorts and the chanting master will transport the urn safely to Nirvana columbarium
The escorts and the chanting master will transport the urn safely to Nirvana columbarium

After the departure ceremony, the urn is then installed inside the columbarium niche. And the niche relocation procedure is completed.

For both grave exhumation and niche relocation processes, it is essential to engage professional and experienced contractors to do so. Moreover, it is also vital to respect diverse cultural and religious beliefs. Hence, they will work with different clergy persons from various religions. The professional contractor will also make sure that the process will be smooth and problem-free, and it will be conducted in a way that is most respectful to the deceased’s family.

In closing, we learned that there are many reasons for niche relocation or grave exhumation to a new columbarium. Most importantly of all, it is to conduct the procedure professionally and respectfully.

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