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His last birthday after death

The so-called “冥诞”, is referring to the last birthday after death.

In 2020 he was ill. He contacted me and completed his afterlife pre-planning at Nirvana Columbarium. He bought the columbarium niche and funeral service package.

One morning he called me, because he was in too much pain and wanted to talk to someone. However, he realized that he had no friends or relatives to talk to. Hence, he called me. To be honest, that day I was very tired, but I patiently listened to him. From that day onwards, in every few other days, he would call me to relieve his worries.

The intermittent calls continued and lasted for three years.

A week before his death, he suddenly called me and said: “This is the last time he talked to me on the phone.” He told me he was leaving and he wanted to thank and apologize to me for spending so much times listening to him. In fact, I was very busy at the time as I was travelling at oversea. I was not able to speak to him for too long and I hurriedly hung up the phone.

I still remembered that day was his last birthday after death, so I bought a small cake for him in Nirvana Columbarium.

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