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Mission as a Life Managing Director

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Recently, when I was taking a taxi, I met a weird taxi uncle. He chatted with me when he saw that I was wearing the uniform of Nirvana Memorial Garden.

Taxi uncle said: “It is not good to stay in this bereavement industry!”

I asked: “Why it is not good?”

Taxi uncle said: “You guys always want us to depart early, so that you guys have something to do. That’s why it is not recommended to work this industry.” (After that, he looked at me in disgust!)

I felt insulted, but I explained gently to this Taxi uncle:

“Uncle, let’s look at it from another perspective. I am a qualified Life Managing Director. We always advocate pre-planning which is like buying an insurance. When one is sick, he does not have to worry about becoming a burden to his family. The afterlife pre-planning could be re-paid in monthly instalments at 0% interest rate. It is indeed the last insurance policy of everyone’s life. In general, we are responsible for our own life, and should not leave the burden to our next generation or family members. We should depart with pride and no debt.

As a professional Life Managing Director, we have positive thinking and always listen attentively to our customers. We help them to handle the last journey when departed. This is our mission and value.”