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1 Day Funeral Service

Three years ago, due to the cancer, he bought the 1 day funeral package from Nirvana Singapore and Suite 91 columbarium niche. He passed away during Chinese New Year this year. Since he had done the pre-planning with 1 day funeral package, the process was relative smooth.

The 1 day funeral service is also called direct funeral, also known as a direct cremation or immediate cremation. This is a type of funeral service that eliminates the traditional funeral ceremony and focuses on the immediate disposition of the deceased. In a direct funeral, the body is cremated as soon as possible after death, without embalming. The ashes are typically returned to the family, who may choose to have a memorial service or scatter the ashes at a later date.

Direct funerals are often chosen for practical, financial, or personal reasons. They are often less expensive than traditional funerals and can provide the family with more control over the timing and arrangements. Direct funerals can also be a good option for simple families who do not have many family members or relatives, as they eliminate the need for tedious arrangement and can provide a simple and dignified way to say goodbye to a loved one.

The 1 Day funeral service was offered by Nirvana Singapore when Covid19 pandemic started. Nirvana Singapore had stopped offering this 1 Day package end of 2020. Those who had bought this package, could also utilize this package after many years later.

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