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Worship Memorial Tablet in Nirvana Singapore

Before their mother passed away, she left some money to her daughters to handle the funeral for her. As a result, when the funeral was still going on, the siblings were having the conflicts!

All the siblings were all brought up by their mother only as their father passed away long time back. When the mother was sick, the daughters took turn to take care of her. However, when the daughters intended to worship their departed mother at son’s place, the son refused. With the superstition, the son worried that the married daughters would take away all the good fortune after worshipping their departed mother.

The daughters failed to convince their brothers, so they decided to make use of the money left by their mother to set up a memorial tablet for their parents in Nirvana Columbarium. So that, they could always visit and worship their parents at any time without restrictions.

Finally, with my help, the daughters managed to fulfil the filial piety.

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