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Benefits of Choosing a Funeral Parlour

A funeral parlour is a place where funeral services are held. It is often compared to funerals in void decks and the landed properties. The funeral service company usually manages the parlour. In some funeral services packages, the funeral parlour rental is included. This article will explore the benefits of choosing a funeral parlour and why some people prefer to hold funerals at parlours.

Funeral Parlour vs. HDB Void Decks

Full and Fast Service

A funeral parlour will have more efficient human resources than the HDB void decks. It is because the place is also literally or usually the office of the funeral services company. Therefore, things with regard to the funeral can get done quickly. You will not run short of highly trained funeral staff who will come to your assistance should you need the help.
On the other hand, services may be relatively slower in HDB void decks. Sometimes, the funeral company is so busy and short-handed that they may not have the staff on standby at some funerals. Travelling time to and fro the funerals or the office may be longer. Therefore, sometimes you can see that a funeral company can only provide minimal staff strength even during the funeral ritual and possession date.
For funeral parlours, even if it is not last night or the funeral possession date, the bereaved family member can still receive fast service and staffing support.

Better Amenities

Most funeral parlours are fully air-conditioned and equipped with ample amenities to create a comfortable and peaceful environment for the deceased’s family members. Especially during the unbearably hot and sunny season, the cool condition in the funeral parlour will help lessen frustration and increase comfort among grieving family members.

Singapore Funeral Parlour is located at Tampines
Singapore Funeral Parlour is located at Tampines

Less of a Hassle

A lot of time at the void deck funeral, one may need to call the funeral director or supervisor for help. Things can get misunderstood when talking over the phone or on WhatsApp. Moreover, the grieving family member will need to queue up at their town councils to apply for rental of community space in the void deck or multi-purpose halls. The inconvenience will cause a lot of frustration and even unhappiness among the family members who are already suffering due to the death of their loved ones. Henceforth, a funeral parlour will be relatively much better in a sense.

Better Security

The funeral parlour will be a blessing for people who have experienced ‘guarding the funeral’ at night. The actual thing to guard is the bai-jin (donations for the bereaved family). Staying up late for nights will be very tiring for anyone. It can also be detrimental to health. Worse still, one may not be able to manage the emotions, and quarrels may occur among grieving members. On the other hand, preventing stray animals, pests, or strangers from intruding on the funeral is vital.
What if the deceased is single with no close relatives? The tasks of staying up late and guarding the funeral will lie on the friends or distant relatives.
In the case of the funeral parlour, security is well taken of. Besides having its in-house security staff on standby, the grieving family members can lock and leave the funeral parlour. In this way, they can be well-rested before continuing to help at the funeral the following day.

Funeral setup in HDB Void Deck
Funeral setup in HDB Void Deck

Funeral Parlour vs Landed Homes

Parking Space or Traffic Control

Parking space and traffic coordination can be a massive headache for funerals in landed homes. This is especially so when it comes to the final or funeral ritual night. It is the night that has the most number of visitors. Some visitors may need to park illegally by the roadside or, worse still, in front of other neighbours’ houses. It may result in complaints and the guests may potentially receive a ‘summon’ as well. Such experience will make the guest experience somewhat intimidating (need to look out for the ’ticketing officers’ constantly). By holding the funeral in a funeral parlour, one need not worry about the traffic conditions as there will be ample parking space there or nearby.

Facilities and Amenities

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to setting up a funeral event within a private property compound. Besides ensuring that the neighbours will be cooperative and not complain, one must provide adequate facilities and amenities. For example, electrical cable wiring, additional lighting, and placement of mobile toilets. Installing all these might cost even more than a funeral parlour. Moreover, if the funeral is extended (up to 7 days), proper upkeep and cleaning of the event premises are necessary.
What happens when heavy rain or the weather is sweltering? How to make sure that the guests or bereaved family members are comfortable and at ease during the entire funeral wake?
On the other hand, a funeral parlour will take away the hassle and inconvenience caused by the lack of proper facilities and amenities. It is fully air-conditioned too so that rain or shine, the guests and bereaved family members will feel comfortable.

Funeral wake in landed home
Funeral wake in landed home

Security and Safety

When the event gets busy, especially on the last day, the venue will be full of people (relatives, friends, staff, and even strangers). In terms of security, one cannot tell if the person is a guest or a stranger who just comes in to check out the funeral or the property. Moreover, in terms of safety, most funeral parlours have their SOP (standard operational procedure) regarding fire safety. In the event of a fire, where are the escape routes, safety measures, etc.?

Coordination Work

For landed property owners, they may have to deal with the noise and frustration of event tentage’s construction in their homes. Other than that, there will be lots and lots of coordination work to be done between the bereaved family member, the funeral director, and the individual sub-contractors.

Funeral wake in Funeral Parlour at Sing Ming Drive
Funeral wake in Funeral Parlour at Sing Ming Drive

What About Condo Residents? Where Do Funerals Usually Hold at?

One question a condo or private apartment resident will ponder is whether they can organise funerals in their building complexes.

The answer is ‘Yes,’ but it will be subjected to approval by the MCST (building management). However, most condo managements may reject the request due to consideration of other residents and space constraints.

Therefore, if a condo resident needs to organise a funeral event for a deceased loved one, they can do so in an HDB void deck of next-of-kin or a full-serviced Funeral Parlour. They may need to request approval from the town councils of next-of-kin. Sometimes, the funeral might be held at an HDB void deck far away from their premises. Hence, holding funerals at a funeral parlour may be ideal for condo dwellers.

Foreigners Under Work Permits Who Pass Away in Singapore

The funeral parlour is also ideal for people to hold funerals for their deceased colleagues or friends on foreign work permits. It is because they do not have family members in Singapore; holding at an HDB void deck may not be ideal because someone needs to ‘guard’ the funeral. Furthermore, sometimes the foreigner will take longer days. It is because the organiser wants to allocate time for the deceased foreigner’s family members to come to Singapore to send off the deceased.

Therefore, the ideal funeral venue for deceased foreigners in Singapore will be the funeral parlours.

New Funeral Parlour at Nirvana Singapore
New Funeral Parlour at Nirvana Singapore

The Upcoming Funeral Parlour at Nirvana Memorial Garden

Nirvana Singapore aims to provide the professional funeral service to the bereaved family. The rental of the funeral parlour is included in funeral packages of Nirvana Singapore. Our new funeral parlours will be ready in 2023 (At present, customers who wish to organise funerals in parlours, can do so at our funeral parlours in Sin Ming.)

The new funeral parlours of Nirvana Singapore will be built at the floor 3 and floor 4 in the new building of Block B. The parlours are spacious and luxurious, so that the bereaved family members could send off the departed loved on in the comfortable environment.

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