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Online Live Stream Funeral Rituals

They knelt or bowed in front of the online camera connected to the internet, expressing the gratitude remotely to the relatives and friends who were attending the funeral in China.

Their father died in China a few days ago. Due to the travel restriction during pandemic, they could not rush back to China to attend the funeral physically. They contacted me for the solution. Through special arrangements, they attended the online funeral remotely in Singapore, through the live streaming with their family members in China via internet.  The entire funeral was conducted from 7 am to 3 pm, until their father completed the burial rituals in China.

Since it is not common to have online live stream funeral rituals in Singapore, we faced some challenges especially in decorating the funeral wake with the electronic equipment and without the actual funeral wake setup, i.e. casket, etc. Fortunately, the entire online live stream of funeral was completed successfully.

I was impressed by the traditional funeral rites held by their family members in China. The entire funeral lasted for 7 days. The online live stream of funeral was setup at the last day in Singapore. During the funeral rites, their family members in China hired the professional mourners to grieve at funeral and wakes. The intention was to show support for the deceased and help family members to deal with a tragedy through other’s expressions of grief.

I had gained experiences and knowledge through this live streaming of funeral  at China.

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