We offer traditional Buddhist funeral services in Singapore. Our funeral package provide peace-of-mind services and remove all the stress and logistics of organizing a funeral by including everything you need to give your loved ones a beautiful send-off.
Buddhist Funeral Service Package Singapore
Buddhist Funeral Service Package
Nirvana Memorial Singapore

Transparent Pricing

The price will be discussed and finalized with our customers up-front. There is no hidden cost, all the prices are transparent. The checklist will be tracked and followed.

Professional Services

Our staffs are trained and specialized in the funeral services for years. From the first day when we received the mission, our staffs will be with the family throughout the difficult time. Our professional staffs include: Lady Embalmer, Funeral Director, Hearse Escort Team, Funeral Assistants.

Well-known Brand

Nirvana Singapore has won many awards such as "Outstanding Brand of Asian Funeral Service Industry", "Outstanding Award for Multi-Asian Expansion", "Largest Bereavement Company in Singapore".

Elegant Buddhist Funeral Setup

All our customers are satisfied with our Buddhist funeral setup, that includes elegant decoration with interior curtains, carpet, tables, chairs and etc.

Buddhist Funeral Setup
Buddhist Funeral Setup
Buddhist Funeral Hearse Escort
Buddhist Funeral Hearse Escort